Welcome:        we are what we eat”….a presentation of GMO vs NGMO or Non-GMO and a perspective of how chemicals drive this….

Objective: Genetically modified Crops (often called Organism) or for short GMO. Approved and rapidly brought into us since the mid 1990′s. Corn or Maize, Soybean, Cotton, Canola are the major crops that use this technology for ease of insecticidal and herbicidal protection and control management. You will see why there are some issues or even flaws with that technology.

Who: Dieter Harle is owner of Best Options, Inc. (BOI) with over 40 years in Agricultural Consulting experience. Grown up and trained in Germany on a farm parents managed, College and at the age of 23 came in 1968 to the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Dairy farm work in Fond Du Lac County, WI, cowboy in Wyoming and stints of large scale crop farming in California and a BS at U.W. in Meat- & Animal Science. After marriage UW Extention Agent 4-H-Youth, Feed and Nutrition Consulting in Wisconsin, Indiana – Iowa and Illinois  for two different companies. BOI founded in 1999. Since 2005 critically evaluating the GMO impacts (including Glyphosate) on Agriculture and in particular on Dairy Farms.

Cooperating firms: BRT – AG & Turf, Ladora, IA – Powerlime; www.brtagandturf.net; Keith Schlapkohl and Jeff Buresh

NeoTec, Heartland Crush, LLC – Ladora, IA – Natural Ester Oils Technologies – www.GoNeoTec.com – Larry Wangsness now offering non-GMO non Hexane expelled soy.

H & E Innovations – Heinz & Eleonore Daub, Neillsville, WI – Schurr Brushes www.thefleckviehguy.com – www.schurr2brush.com

Nu-Force – Water Systems – Kevin Flammang – Dean Goette, Dan Erdmann

German technologies and experiencing the European culture with a personal touch: We can organize guide and translate a tour with futuristic agricultural and rural experiences.

We are encouraging learning what is real and the many aspects of this very complex issue. Come and visit often. We will share information from around the globe.

Write us for a speaking engagement to your group! Dieter@BestOptionsInc.com

Look at the video of: Why Glyphosate – a major weed killer – in my body?

Please Google: “Poisoned Fields – Glyphosate – the underrated risk” – invite us for a discussion….

Recommended reading:

GMO Deception pp 340-346 from Skyhorse PublishingAckermann-Krueger-2014

 GMO-Myths-and-Truths-2nd edition

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