Canola & Oil Seed

August (most Wisconsin locations) through early September (Illinois) is the time to start seeding winter canola after you took off small grain crop – wheat – barley – oats. Right after straw removal apply liquid manure and work the land creating opportunity for re-growth. For RoundUp users there is Winter Canola seed available from your nearest DeKalb seed dealer (reference to Best Options,Inc.) to be seeded at about 5 lbs per acre.

For non-GMO users there is Winter Canola seed available from: Claire This program can use the Treflan pre-emergence program.

For both options it is critical to have seed to soil contact optimized, with some fertilization of up to 40 lbs of N – fall application if no manure is applied. At the 6 leaf state or about 6 inches the crop needs to be sprayed and can be mixed for RR canola in combination with Quash by Valent.