Green Cow for Alfalfa & Haylage Production Foliar Program

We recommend a custom program for your farm

Proposed Application

Application timing

    • 1st Application – Apply about 2-3 weeks prior to the beginning of the growing season (April 10-25)
    • 2nd Application – Apply 8-10 weeks later and this will extend the plant production in dry weather
    • 3rd Application – Apply late August thru September and this will enhance fall pastures and apply the nutrients to overwinter the pastures

Note:  Three applications are suggested.  In the case of soils that have nutrient deficiencies.  These fields may require an additional application that includes the soil nutrient corrections.

OptionalApply a nitrogen source with dry Humates and other dry fertility inputs in early April and again in mid September.  This will give the pastures extended production in both spring and fall.

Note:  The nitrate nitrogen will enhance grass production when nitrogen is not available from manure and when the soil temperatures are low and therefore soil biology is not at its maximum level of nitrate nitrogen production.

Trace Mineral Requirements

For certified organic producers, it is necessary to do a soil test, petiole test or leaf analysis to determine the level of trace minerals deficiencies in the soil or the plant material. – Research conducted by Glacierland RC&D Green Bay, WI


Green Cow Cropping- Forage Program

Proven Benefits:

  • Increases yield, tonnage and quality
  • Improve soil tilth, soil structure; reduce impact of compaction
  • Increased nutrient availability to the crop
  • Lower NPK needs and optimize fertilizer costs
  • Reduce fungicide and pesticide use
  • Quicker re-growth after each cutting
  • Better moisture utilization, resulting in more consistent production through heat and drought
  • Faster emergence and better establishment of new seeding
  • Reduce winterkill of forages
  • Increased organic matter levels
  • Increase nutrient content in feed
  • Improve milk production and components
  • Reduced sickness, culling rate and death loss

Get Started Today:

  • Email or call Best Options Inc and Agri-Energy Resources today!
  • Share with us past forage and feed analysis to create a baseline for tracking improvement
  • Fill out a simple form that outlines your field history, crop rotation and application equipment capability
  • Your Agronomist and or Nutritionist – welcome feed back
  • Sprayer service available to you, or done by yourself


Signing up includes:

  • One field virtual rain report: It tells you in the morning if and how much it rained at the “Back-40″ miles away, before your first glass of milk and or coffee
  • ( rain-report is in evaluation for 2013 ) – call / write us for sign up info
  • Forage Field Guide Book – Purdue Extension for at farm use (delivered with signature on working contract)
  • One field with base saturation soil test snap shot
  • Ground Work Newsletter – via e-mail
  • Your own cost calculator spreadsheet

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