Touring with Dieter

Germany trip with Dieter 

November 1st – 20th, 2018  The Show featuring Livestock production is from the 13. through November 16.Tours run from 8 – 10 days long – adjusted to group participant interests: Arriving via Amsterdam – touring: “How this little country feeds so many people”, in Germany looking at manure management, Veterinary observations of Glyphosate impact (AVA), installations like Krone, Claas as well as feed and manure management, water reconstitution toward Hanover area. Will be at the show on to two days – depending on group:

2 Different levels of touring groups:

  • Special Interest Group ( up to 8 person group) – faster paced – group involved – driving shared
  • Relaxed Tour Group ( 25-30 person group) special pricing to be determined

Euro-Tier – November:  in 2018 – alternating with Agritechnica every two years

What to expect:

  • European technology is highly developed from GPS to narrow crop row culture treatment
  • Tour farms and factories of manufacturers presenting unique tools and soil tillage equipment
  • Explore other technologies, food and German culture
  • Dairy and Livestock farmers – live animal breeding animal demonstrations
  • Cropping practices without GMO technology
  • See how their yields do NOT differ in adverse growing conditions for wheat, corn, silage, sugar beets and potatoes.
  • Focusing on multi cropping systems, cover crops, how to farm without GMO traits (Triesdorf Tech College – Bavaria – controlling corn borer and root worm – mechanical) Soil conditioners, Soil and weed tillage – tools and programs

Sign up today for only $100 down payment to reserve your spot!!!

After you register: we will tell you when group is confirmed, you will then purchase flight directly – as per pre-booking instruction. Down payment of about $1,000 per person for overhead, transportation, guidance by Dieter, admissions and translation. The group then shares cost as we go about the tour. Cost around $3,000 – Total – depending on group size. You will know ahead – after confirmation cost expectation.

Please e-mail:      your interest – no obligation!

Indicate what timing would fit your travel interest and for how many days

See you soon – on the road…..also options to visit DLG-Field days in Europe throughout the summer….

Of course we will include cultural sightseeing, German food and visit what is of interest to the group as it unfolds….